Record and Share Your Unique Story.
Listen to First-Hand Accounts Of Life-events.

ListenUp records voice messages and securely stores them so they can be listened to at any time in the future. ListenUp messages can be shared with your family, friends, and anyone around the world.
Connect to Others
ListenUp connects you to significant historical and personal events through the first-person perspective of its users. By recording messages in your own voice, you strengthen existing relationships and create lasting connections across geographic boundaries and over time.
Keep Safe Life-events
Messages can be listened to at any time, whether that’s right after you record or decades, even centuries later, and they can be listened to over and over again. Memories are preserved so they can be re-lived once again, like it was just yesterday.
Celebrate History
ListenUp allows you to commemorate life as time passes. ListenUp captures moments in time, celebrating significant personal and historical milestones, accomplishments, experiences and world-defining events.
Your Voice, Your Story
Each one of us has a story to tell and ListenUp is what helps your voice be heard across the world – experiences, thoughts, and perspectives.
“ListenUp has allowed me to tell stories that I can share with future generations.”
Harold András
How ListenUp Works
  • Record precious life-events through your voice
  • Store messages in your own library
  • Share audio messages with anyone
  • Listen to messages on-demand

Start Creating Memories Today!

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